Professional Studio Photography in Colorado

The moments of life come and go in a blink. Memories are made and cherished forever. Children grow up and before too long our lives have shifted into a new picture. We are here to help those moments and days last a lifetime.

Amie Hazlett Photography is located in Alamosa, Colorado, and serves the San Luis Valley.

Why choose a studio session?

Studio sessions are simple and quick. Since we do not have to worry about the outside elements, studio sessions rarely need to be rescheduled. Studio sessions are broken up into an a'la carte process and can generally fit in any budget. Photos can be viewed and selected quickly after a session, digital collections and print orders are available about 2 weeks after a session.

How much does a studio session cost?

Studio session price is based off of the amount of time and people involved in the session. Studio sessions start at $99, for the session alone. All digital and print collections are an additional fee. Please contact us for a full price menu.