My name is Amie Hazlett!

What started out as a whimsical notion full of frilly dresses and styled sets has evolved into a practical and capable business. My passion for photography started when I joined a journalism class in high school. When my first daughter was born in 2009, I stayed home and worked towards taking photographs that were worthy to be called art.

Bullfrogs and Butterflies Photography was born in 2012 and 10 years later, I changed it to Amie Hazlett Photography. In 2015, I was asked to be an Associate Photographer with the prestigious Tina Joiner Photography. I have photographed over 100 weddings with her and am learning in every situation. Each person is unique and your moments matter.

I see the beauty in the everyday - the connection between people, or the love between parents and their children. I don’t believe that people are not photogenic, I just think they haven’t found the right photographer.

I want to capture your moments because life long memories happen in the blink of an eye.

About Amie Hazlett

Amie Hazlett has been a professional photographer for over ten years. Her passion for photography started in a journalism class in high school in 1998. Being a part of creating a yearbook left a huge sentimental mark on her heart. In 2012, she created Bullfrogs and Butterflies, a photography business that focused on the whimsy and magic of childhood. What started out as a whimsical notion full of frilly dresses and styled sets has evolved into a practical and capable business.  

In 2015, Amie was asked to join the award winning team, Tina Joiner Photography, located in Colorado Springs. On her team, Amie photographed over 300 weddings. They were awarded The Knot’s Best of Weddings 2014-2021, The Knot’s Hall of Fame for Wedding Photography, and Best of the Springs for Wedding Photography 2015-2022. Bullfrogs and Butterflies has been featured in multiple magazines and blogs, and has been voted a Top 100 Photographer in the World by Shoot and Share.

Opening a studio has always been a dream for Amie. After relocating to the San Luis Valley in August of 2022, she decided that this is the place to have an indoor space.

“There are these moments with our children that come and go. Sometimes they last a while and sometimes they are brief. One day, your daughter will stop dressing up and dancing around the house, and one day your son will stop slaying dragons. The reality is that they grow up too fast.”

“I started creating art when I had kids. Their imagination fuels every masterpiece. I am infatuated with the tangible. I love to touch and feel. I have always wanted to see things on a grand scale… even if they are simple.”


Today, Amie specializes in Maternity, Newborn, Childhood Milestones, and creating Artwork for your home. Her studio is at 1307 Main St., Suite A, Alamosa, Colorado. She can be reached by phone (575) 430 -5812 or by email, Her website is